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Rose Bud type Cutting Head 950mm diameter

Powered by 400 HP Cummins & 200 HP GM

700HP Hydraulic driven suction pump

Dredging depth up to 9m


Key Capabilities:

Able to be transported on public roads

No crane required to  deploy into water

onsite in 2 days anywhere

Sandpiper Mobilisation

The Sandpiper is a versatile and capable dredge with the unique capability of being be road transportable. The Sandpiper was designed to fit on a standard low-loader trailer, and has transport regulations approval for travel in SA with only one pilot vehicle.

This substantially reduces mobilisation cost compared to convention barge mobilisations using tug boat assistance.

The Sandpiper is designed with four hydraulic jacking legs to allow it to load / unload without the need for a crane on location.

The Sandpiper was built for vesatlity & efficiency and is able to get the job done in situations / locations that are not practical with larger dredges. To get the full scope of the Sandpipers capabilities please contact us directly for and obligation free discussion.

Sandpiper details

  • Hull 6mm thick 350 grade steel
  • 19 x 4.2 metre footprint
  • Jacking Legs with 1.2 metres scope.
  • Wheels can be attached to move dredge
  • Pump 12/10
  • Dredging depth 9metres
  • Cutting Head rose bud type 950mm diameter
  • Power plants 400 HP Cummins & 200HP GM
  • 700 hp hydraulic Transmission driving suction pump
  • Hydraulic driven water priming pump 5/5 inch
  • Slewing winches 3 tonne SWL
  • 16mm high tensile cables
  • Truck loading time 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Sandpiper has lighting so it can operate at night
  • Navigation & Deck lights

Liberty anchor barge / support Vessel

The Liberty is the Sandpipers main support vessel, and its primary function is to shift the anchors between dredging sweeps, allowing the operation to move ground and progress.

The Liberty vessel is also responsible for deploying the dredge pipeline. Currently 84 lots 10″ x 12m length polyethylene pipe. Total 1,008 metres.

Liberty details

  • Hull 6mm thick 350 grade steel
  • 6 x 2.8 metre footprint
  • 1 tonne SWL lifting
  • 175 HP  Johnson outboard
  • Heavy duty lifting winch 3 tonne SWL
  • Lighting for night operations
  • Navigation and deck lights

AP & FH Dredging equipment is all fully certified under Marine Surveys, and operates under EPA guidelines with EPA approval.

AP & FH Dredging has in place for each project a reviewed Program Management System to ensure compliance with EHS policies, maritime practices, EPA legislation, and relevant Australian and industry codes and standards.

AP & FH Dredging works at all time to minimise impact on the environment and ensure its operations are conducted safely and ethically.

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