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AP & FH Dredging is your SA Civil Engineering company specialising in professional dredging solutions.

AP & FH Dredging is a South Australian specialist service company based in Dry Creek. Established in 2016 our mission is to provide sensible, safe and sustainable solutions to all dredging situations.

We specialise in civil construction projects including marinas, channels, lakes, sandpits and tailing dams. Our equipment is able to be configured to suit many types of projects and to meet our customers exact requirements.

AP & FH Dredging has developed quality assurance processes that are implemented on every project to provide compliance to government regulations and industry OH&S standards. Our operations are fully accredited with EPA licensing for dredging activities.

If required we can develop documentation for EPA planning approvals and formulate environmental plans which may include requirements such as; water testing, leaching problems, turbidity containment, etc.

AP & FH Dredging uses a Program Management System to document and monitoring for adherence to regulation and environment protection plans. Transparency is assured with our Client Process Documentation to ensure projects are carried out and completed competently and professionally.

We are happy to discuss and help with any dredging or pumping requirements you may have.

The following is a brief list of our equipment. We are well equipped to carry out all dredging operations.





Rose Bud type Cutting Head 950mm diameter

Powered by 400 HP Cummins & 200 HP GM

700HP Hydraulic driven suction pump

Dredging depth up to 9m


Key Capabilities:

Able to be transported on public roads

No crane required to  deploy into water

onsite in 2 days anywhere

We are happy to help with any aspects associated with your dredging or pumping requirements.

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